Operational Committee and National Directors

Operational Committee

The Operational Committee meets once a month to review operational management, coordinate projects and help implement the Group’s strategy. The Operational Committee is responsible to define the Group’s strategic directions, to monitor the operational management of the Business Groups, and to coordinate project implementation.

The Operational Committee chaired by Christope Périllat, Group CEO, is comprised of 14 members, including the CEO, the Functional Directors and the Presidents of the Business Groups and of Valeo Service.


National Presidents

Françoise Colpron, North America
François Marion, China

National Directors

Tuna Arinci, Turkey
Jayakumar G, India
Manuel Sanchez-Gijon, Espagne
Ali Ordoobadi, Japan and ASEAN
David Gstalder, Poland
Jean-Claude Petit, Russia
Maurizio Martinelli, Italy
Mauro Dias, South America
Andreas Heinrich, Germany

Other Functional Director

Lionel Monteiller, Group Internal Audit and Internal Control Vice-President