Powertrain Systems

At the heart of the electrification revolution, Valeo Powertrain Systems develops and produces innovative powertrain solutions to improve today’s engines and design the electric mobility of tomorrow.

Portrait of Xavier Dupont

We develop smart solutions in terms of electrification, automated transmissions and clean engines for vehicles, enabling us to anticipate and respond to future market trends in the automotive industry.

Powertrain Systems Business Group President

Xavier Dupont

We offer comprehensive powertrain systems, such as our recent Smart eDrive concept, which integrates not only the motor and its inverter, from Valeo or Valeo Siemens eAutomotive depending on the voltage level, but also the gearbox equipped with a disconnection or parking system, as well as a pump to ensure lubrication and autonomous system cooling.

At the forefront of the process of transforming mobility, we are also paving the way for more responsible mobility by developing small and new mobility solutions such as delivery robots, electric bicycles, electric two- and three-wheelers, and light electric vehicles. We will be in the vanguard not only when it comes to reducing carbon dioxide emissions from our means of transport—which lines up perfectly with Valeo’s carbon neutrality strategy, thereby contributing to reducing the environmental impact of human activities—but also in helping people to manage their energy consumption through smart devices that adapt energy demand to its availability, such as vehicle-to-grid technology or electric charging stations.
In the post-Covid era, the energy transition will gather pace, and curbing CO2 emissions will become a top priority. Our teams are committed and working to meet the challenge of accelerating electrification.

Powertrain Systems key figures (at end December 2021)

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Valeo Powertrain Systems : a steady growth

Thanks to a strategy that shapes itself to the needs of expanding markets, and external acquisitions that bring new additions to the Business Group’s skills, Valeo Powertrain Systems’ sales grew by 15% between 2015 and 2019, reaching €4.3 billion. Find out more

Electric drive develops new forms of mobility

Valeo 48 Volts car in Paris

Whether it is a fully electric light vehicle, a plug-in hybrid family car, or a powerful electric sedan, Valeo is able to power all types of mobility. By making hybrid or 100% electric technology simple and affordable, Valeo is at the heart of tomorrow’s urban mobility, with 48 Volts technology and beyond 60 Volts with the Valeo Siemens eAutomotive joint venture. Find out more about car powertrain.

Urban mobility and beyond in 100% 48 Volts

Valeo e-bike system

Valeo is today one of the world leaders in 48 Volts electrical solutions for the automotive sector. On the strength of that expertise, Valeo has expanded its offer to include a range of versatile motors adapted to the growing demand for urban mobility, both in the small and urban vehicle sector and in the new electric mobility sector, particularly the market for bicycles, which has grown significantly in recent years.

Valeo extends its expertise to electric charging systems

Valeo charging station

Valeo is developing and expanding its business beyond the automotive sector by offering solutions and services that enrich its portfolio of technological solutions. As a result of that research, Valeo now offers its very first charging station for plug-in hybrid and fully electric vehicles.

Did you know?

By 2023, four to five million vehicles in China will be fitted with Valeo 48 Volts powertrain systems.